Jobs Opportunities

A . Senior Engineer

Job Description

1. Evaluation of new product & process.
2. Reliability monitoring of regular product & process for system integration .
3. Reliability monitoring of regular product & process for Industrial products.
4  Evaluation of abnormal product or the product with major process change.

Responsibilities and Tasks

1. Process & product regular reliability examination and monitoring of massive produced products while introducing product process to production.
2. Follow up & examine the reliability test of abnormal product & execute the reliability of product material as well as process change.
3. Reliability monitoring for regular product & process while having massive production.

B . Senior Sales PM

Job Description
1. Drive the worldwide customers development .

2. Identify and develop new customer base in embedded, industrial, markets.

3. Promote brand awareness and roadmap products to key customers.

2. Product management

3. Presentation and sales skills is essential .

4. demonstrate excellent communication with all the departments , such as : R&D / outsourcing suppliers/ engineers/ customers .

5. OEM and OPM product development

1. Worldwide sales development and account management.
2. Business planning and sales target achievement.
3. Project management, schedule control & issues tracking.